Proposal Writing

Have you ever lost a million-dollar IT bid because your proposal was disorganized and poorly written? Or, worse, maybe you passed up that million-dollar opportunity altogether because you simply didn’t have the resources available to assemble a coherent, detail-oriented proposal? Those days are over with CEO Equity’s IT Proposal Writing Team.

We are a small, but highly experience group that includes knowledgeable technical leaders who shape the details of winning IT response, plus a skilled and dedicated writer who was once the lead writer for the Stanford School of Engineering. 

In a closely fought selection process, all things being equal—budget, talent, experience—the winner is always the one who tells their story the best. Andy’s job is to tell your story in a way that sets your team apart from the competition. 

The bottom line is: we know how to dot the I’s and cross the T’s of winning IT proposals. Whether you need us as surge support for your regular proposal-writing team when things really heat up, or to offload the entire proposal-writing experience, CEO Equity is ready to help. And ready to win.

Our Team

Our team includes technical advisors and project managers who take charge of the technical needs of any given request for proposal and help shape the technical recommendations. Together, the CEO Equity proposal writing team is the edge you need to set yourself apart from the crowd and win.

The CEO Equity team includes:

Cliff Webster

Chief Technical Architect/Advisor

Clifford Webster is a successful IT entrepreneur, executive, and advisor to business owners. After holding key engineering positions with leading IT companies, Cliff founded Webster Data Communication in 1998 as a one-man shop. Over the next 12 years, he grew that business into an award-winning, 100-person company with double-digit annualized growth.

Cliff has turned his attention to helping fellow business owners master the details of winning multi-million dollar IT contracts. He oversees all technical planning and specifications on all proposals.

Howard Schroeder

Technical Advisor/Strategist

Howard Schroeder oversees the technical specifications and accuracy of all proposals. He is a deeply experienced networking, security and telecommunications engineer with over 30 years of defense and defense industry seasoning. Schroeder was trained in the Air Force and began his commercial career in 1988. He then began designing, deploying and maintaining large metropolitan area networks projects for the likes of the Navy, DARPA, Department of State and Department of Treasury. He worked in these high-security environments where he specialized in defensive and offensive security measures.

Schoeder later transitioned into establishing broadband networks for large-scale cable systems, such as Time Warner, and became an instructor with Global Knowledge where he still teaches today. He is a respected instructor of routing, switching, and broadband network security. His consulting career has focused on smart-grid networking, cybersecurity and industrial automation and manufacturing applications.

Andrew Myers

Chief Proposal Writer/Manager

Andrew Myers is a published writer, content strategist, and brand strategist who is also a uniquely skilled Information Technology proposal writer with a background in science and technology writing and attention to fine detail necessary to write winning proposals. His most recent win was a million-dollar document management system for the customs agency of a notable Caribbean nation.

Andy served as Associate Director of Communications for the Stanford University School of Engineering, where he single-handedly covered nine different departments and tackled complex subject matter. For five years prior to Stanford, Andy was managing editor of Ocean Conservancy magazine. Andy’s writing has been published in three books, most notably OCEANS, the companion book to the Disney documentary by the same name. Andy is also an accomplished commercial writer and video producer, as well. He has written and developed creative materials for clients drawn from the top names in the FORTUNE 500.

He holds a B.A. in History (high distinction) from the University of Michigan and a certificate in 16mm film production from New York University, as well as completing coursework toward his master’s degree in liberal arts at Stanford University.