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Strategic insight into every stage of the business lifecycle

CEO Equity is a growth consultancy for businesses at any stage, from entrepreneurial aspiration to transfer of ownership and beyond.

Growth, Value and Transition Planning
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Venture Planning: Always begin with the exit in mind

Whatever your opportunity, two things are certain: it will require resources, both human and capital, and those resources will be constantly be at risk. CEO Equity mitigates risks by understanding and anticipating them before they are taken on through venture planning.

The first step is to analyze and validate your underlying assumptions about the business’s prospects, its challenges and its rewards, and then to facilitate the startup with a honed vision, a clear and differentiated market strategy and improved access to capital investment options.

  • Feasibility

    By carefully analyzing your idea within the wider industry, scrutinizing the competitive landscape, and establishing a basis for comparison, CEO Equity’s advisors will develop comprehensive studies to determine the market soundness of your concepts.

  • Plan development

    CEO Equity plans are designed to do more than attract investors. We take a comprehensive, ground-up approach, challenging assumptions about the product or service, the people, processes, finances and technologies, and asking and answering the hard questions that lead to new insights. We will develop specific, measurable milestones for success in the near, intermediate and long terms. Our business plans create a road map to accomplish achievable forecasts and assigning clear roles, responsibilities, timelines and goals to specific team members.

  • Early stage finance

    CEO Equity combines management consulting expertise with investment banking capabilities to position clients for rapid success in securing financing. Venture backers will have the clarity necessary to understand the future potential of your idea and to get on-board from a strategic perspective.

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Growth Planning: Achieving a high-value transfer

CEO Equity helps healthy companies grow further and we help challenged companies find firm ground to begin to resetablish growth and profitability targets.

  • Organic growth

    CEO Equity insights give you the confidence to seize unrealized revenue opportunities through complementary products or services, tapping into new markets, establishing new lines of business or spinning off new ventures. Our insights are based primarily in our own personal experiences building and selling exceptional companies, but we combine that experience with skillful analysis of market data to anticipate trends and evaluate opportunities combined with proven business development algorithms that inform and enhance the growth options that best fit your company.

  • Growth through acquisition

    CEO Equity regularly uncovers and analyzes acquisition opportunities. We will help you decide when an acquisition opportunity is a good fit with your goals, and you will benefit from our diligence, market knowledge, and ability to manage negotiations and structure the transaction to your best advantage.

To speak to CEO Equity about your growth strategy, please contact us.

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Transition Planning: Know your destination and your route before you set sail

When it comes time to transition your business, there is an array of exit options, each with different rewards and downstream implications for the business. Depending on your circumstances and goals, you may wish to sell the business to a family member, the management team or your employees. You might benefit by selling to a strategic buyer or you may wish to chart a different route. CEO Equity will help you analyze the options that will deliver the highest degree of benefit to you and your stakeholders. We strive to optimize your company’s value and find multiple buyers who will compete to own it.

In this light, it is never too soon to start thinking about your transition and the things that can and must be done to ensure you extract the highest possible value from the transaction. By operating—or even establishing—your business with your exit in mind, you will be better able to transition out on your timeline and financial terms.

  • Valuation

    Whether your exit horizon is 12 months or 12 years out, the most important first step in preparing your company is understanding its true market value. CEO Equity has decades of experience in valuing private companies—including the values of intangible assets like goodwill, intellectual property and technology—having served more than 5,000 information technology and high-growth venture financed companies. Our objective, well-supported valuation reports hold up under rigorous examination.

    With the proper valuation, we can take a clear-eyed approach to determining the feasibility of your timeline relative to your goals. If needed, CEO Equity’s growth consultants can deliver a value-enhancing plan and help you implement it in order to achieve the value you want from your transaction.

    When you are ready, we will build innovative strategies to attract the right potential buyers.

  • Transaction

    Selling your business is a one-time event, leaving no room for trial and error. Your exit should create the wealth and the legacy you deserve.

    Selecting the right vehicle, negotiating transaction points, structuring terms and running the due diligence process properly take experience – and we have it.

    While most business transactions are considered a failure by one or both parties within the first two years, CEO Equity has the knowledge, tools and relationships necessary to ensure your exit is a success.

  • Post-transaction planning

    The transaction of your business closes one episode and sets you free to define the next, however you wish. If your goal is to retire by sailing a yacht around the world, spending quality time with family and friends, or starting a new business, CEO Equity can help you have it all. From devising a post-transaction wealth management strategy to supporting all phases of your new venture planning, our suite of services is comprehensive.

To begin planning your transition, contact us.