The Opportunity

CEO Equity Advisors share more than business success

Successful deals are the result of planning, skill, determination, negotiation and trust. That’s why companies turn to CEO Equity advisers when they’re considering a divestiture, merger or acquisition. As an adviser, you’ll draw on your years of corporate experience and be in a position to dramatically increase your income, while helping grow and position your client’s business for the sale.

You bring a high-level management experience and reputation for integrity, ambition, and insight to the table. CEO Equity advisers complements this with a thorough but streamlined executive training program. Trained CEO Equity advisers are individual business owners who enjoy the benefits of a powerful and unique support system and a far-reaching network of key players.

CEO Equity advisers can help you establish and implement appropriate growth and exit strategies , determine corporate value and acceptable pricing ranges, in addition to devising advantageous structuring and financing scenarios. In a transaction, you’ll be involved in negotiations, offer evaluations, and the recommendation of specific terms and provisions. Most importantly, you’ll play a key role in identifying the right buyer or investor by tapping into our network of private equity and venture capital funds.

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