The Market

Better outcomes for middle market business owners

CEO Equity Advisors will prepare you to step into the role of trusted mid-market business advisor. Every day, CEOs and CFOs of mid-market companies turn to our advisors for objective advice, practical guidance, thoughtful insight, and sometimes even personal support. These corporate leaders rely on us for the help they need when it’s time to make key decisions.

The mid-market needs you. Most consultants serving small businesses are ill-equipped to handle large, multimillion dollar transactions. At the same time investment banking firms that serve the nation’s largest corporations are rarely involved in anything less than a $100 million transaction. That’s why CEO Equity Advisors focuses on the midmarket; our advisors have the training and resources to successfully complete large transactions without the extra baggage carried by a big corporation. In addition, our focus on mid-sized companies has made us uniquely qualified to understand and serve the needs of this market segment.

Your clients will achieve better outcomes than they would without a committed advocate, one who is supported across the spectrum of corporate development advisory services by a professional team of peers to:

  • Understand the client’s needs
  • Determine valuation
  • Determine proper approach to marketplace
  • Establish measurable goals and objectives that include a timeline
  • Create and implement the program to reach those goals
  • Measure results periodically and adjust the program accordingly

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