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When it’s time to make key decisions on establishing, growing and exiting companies, middle market business owners, CEOs and management teams turn to CEO Equity. We are a team of senior corporate executives and former business owners offering expert strategy and execution, within a framework of compassion, integrity and intelligence.

We combine the lessons learned in our careers with advanced training in disciplines related to growth strategy, value enhancement, corporate restructuring, mergers & acquisitions, and exit planning. Supported by an investment bank, sophisticated technology tools and extensive networks of relationships, CEO Equity is equipped to successfully complete transactions on any scale. At the same time, we are uniquely qualified to understand and serve the middle market, having been business leaders ourselves.

We’ve been where you are, and we know how to get you where you want to go.

In order to achieve the outcome you want, whether starting, growing or exiting a business, there is no substitute for a guide with real-world experience. Each advisor is hand selected to be that guide —and all are successful businesspeople, some are former clients themselves. Each has high-level management experience and a reputation for integrity, ambition, and insight. We bring to the table the hard-won experience, industry knowledge and professional contacts that can be transformational resources.

Each advisor’s strengths and capacities are extended by a professional team of peers to:

  • Understand the client’s needs
  • Determine valuation
  • Determine the proper approach to marketplace
  • Establish measurable goals and objectives with timeline
  • Create and implement the program to reach those goals

We are passionately committed to uncovering options and structuring deals in our clients’ best interests.

CEO Equity knows this territory well.

To learn more about how we work, contact us.

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Our Values

Simple values: No-nonsense, hard-working advocacy

CEO Equity is guided by these core beliefs:

  • We believe in leveling the playing field for our clients.
  • We believe in creating more value than clients thought possible.
  • We believe in helping our clients define and achieve their ideal outcomes.
  • We believe in professionalism and holding each other to high standards.

To learn more about our values, and if they fit with yours, contact us.